Express Pool Care service contractors discuss pool maintenance benefits and why you need to keep your pool clean. No one wants to take a bath in dirty water, do they? If you answered “no!” then you can understand the importance of keeping your pool water clean. When you have multiple people in and out of your swimming pool, they are bringing contaminants in with them (hint: that’s a good reason to ask those who use your pool to shower before they jump in). When you make an investment in owning a swimming pool you also need to make a commitment to keep the pool water clean and bacteria free.

How can you avoid swimming in dirty water? How can you assure the pool equipment is operating at peak efficiency? The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care offer options to keep the pool water clean, the equipment operational and the water always swimmable.

Why you need to keep your pool clean

  • If you notice black spots on the wall or if the water has taken on a green hue, this means you are on the verge of a full blown algae invasion. The green water indicates an imbalance in water pH levels. ┬áThis could be caused by chemical instability, improper filtration or lack of pool maintenance.
  • Any pool can be plagued with dirt and debris falling into it. Diligent use of a pool cover can help keep debris out of the pool water. When you notice floating dirt and debris, skim it out before it falls to the bottom of the pool.
  • During the heat of the summer, especially in Arizona, the pool water will evaporate more quickly. Children (and adults!) in the pool will also lead to water being splashed out and this can lower the pool water to levels that could impact the way your pool skimmer and pump work.

Pool owners who work with a pool service professional understand that not only is getting the pool water chemicals balanced correctly is one of the many tasks associated with pool ownership. Those who aren’t experienced in caring for a pool find that they spend more of their free tiem cleaning and balancing the chemicals than they do enjoying swim time. You may even find, as many pool owners do, thta you will spend less money on pool maintenance when you work with a pool contractor than you will if you do it yourself.

What goes into pool maintenance?

  • Daily maintenance includes scooping floating debris and perhaps performing a chemical test to assure everything is in order between pool service visits.
  • Weekly maintenance involves scrubbing walls and floor of the pool and vacuuming up the debris. This cleaning process also helps rid the pool water of algae and rids it of calcium build up.
  • The filter screens and baskets need to be cleaned and inspected. The chemicals will be tested and more added to get in in line.
  • The deck and may also be cleaned by your pool contractor or he can offer tips on how to clean it and what chemicals to use that won’t harm the pool water.
  • Monthly maintenance includes your contractor performing a visual inspection to assure there are no leaks or issues with the plumbing.
  • Annual maintenance (usually when the pool is closed for the season) include a thorough cleaning and closing. An annual inspection and proper pool closure also makes the spring pool open move along more smoothly.

If you’re new to pool ownership or if you want to turn the task over to a seasoned professional, call us for an onsite estimate to help you determine whether it’s more cost effective (don’t forget to figure in your time) to work with a contractor rather than doing it yourself for another season.