Code of Ethics

Express Pool Care Code of Ethics

Express Pool Care agrees to comply with a strict code of ethics shown below:

  • Pool Technicians must undergo a background check and must not be convicted of a felony.
  • Techs must be uniformed with company name and logo clearly marked
  • Techs must maintain a neat and professional appearance and conduct themselves in a professional manner
  • Techs will be trained and C.P.O. certified and receive regular training on repair of equipment and water chemistry.
  • Company vehicles shall be clearly marked with company name and logo
  • Appointments will be on time within a fifteen minute window or any services agreed to will be 10% off.
  • On service visits no trash shall be left, gates will be closed and locked if there is a lock
  • Prices will be guaranteed in writing. No hidden costs.
  • Express Pool Care will fulfill all contractual obligations
  • Express Pool Care will conduct business with absolute honesty and integrity
  • Express Pool Care will not take vacations during the critical summer months and will give at least one week notice if we will skip service for vacation or time off