Express Pool Service, serving Phoenix, Goodyear and Avondale, Arizona discuss pool water levels

How much water should you have in your pool is a question the pool service contractors from Express Pool Care get asked quite regularly. This is a very valid question, especially when monsoon rainfalls strike the area. An overfilled pool is as injurous to pool equipment as is an underfilled one. When it comes to pool water levels, there is an art and a science to knowing how much water you should have in your pool and working with a pool service contractor assures your pool is always at the proper levels.

How much water should you have in your pool

The water level in your swimming pool — at its most basic — needs to be between one third and one half of the way up to the opening of the pool skimmer. At this level the pool skimmer operates at its peak efficiency. If you let the water levels get too low, the skimmer can “bottom out.” This means that the skimmer will be drawing in air, rather than water, into the system and this can lead to the skimmer potentially burning up the swimming pool’s filter motor.

If the water levels in your swimming pool are too high the water that is pulled into the skimmer will move too slow and debris may float past the skimmer opening and not be sucked into it. Pool water levels that are too high and that cover the entire skimmer opening will lead to more debris in the pool and to your running the pool pump without seeing any benefit in a cleaner, debris free pool.

Your pool contractor will also recommend adding water to the pool prior to backwashing and vacuuming it because those activities will lower the water levels. When you work with a swimming pool service contractor he will check the water levels during his service visits to assure that your pool water is always at the proper and safe operating levels so yout pool equipment doesn’t burn out.