Express Pool Care swimming pool professionals answer the question, “why does your pool have a ‘bathtub ring‘”? It’s not actually a ring around your pool, but there can very well be a line of scale build up and that can be unsightly. If you have “hard water” in your house and you fill your pool with a hose from the house, your pool can develop this scale build up.

The line, that looks like bathrub ring, is actually calcium build up. Hard water impacts items in your home — your faucets, washing machine, etc and your swimming pool and leaves the ring around the pool at the water surface line.

Why does your pool have a ‘bathtub ring’?

The scale, the whie line, whatever you call it that builds up on the water line is caused when the water evaporates and leaves behind calcium crystals. This calcium scale and hardness occurs, too when the calcium levels in the pool water itself is too high for prolonged periods of time. This is a reason that many pool owners work with pool contractors in Goodyear, Arizona — because calcium hardness is only one of the many chemical levels that need to be tested and balanced in your pool water.

Can you prevent calcium build up aka bathtub ring? 

Yes, Your pool service contractor tests the water every service visit and pays attention to the water’s hardness levels. The way he addresses it, when it happens, include:

  • Using a sequestering agent to keep calcium “locked up” to prevent it turning into deposits along the waterline.
  • Avoid using calcium hypochlorite shock as that will add calcium and potential for build up.
  • pH and alkalinity levels will be kept on the lower end of the scale, especially if you have hard water.
  • Clarifiers will be used that seek out particles and clump them together so they can be removed by the filter.
  • The scale will be removed from the waterline

How will the scale be removed?

It’s important to first address the water issues because if they’re not taken care of, cleaning the scale is a temporary measure. The calcium levels in the water are taken care of, chemicals are balanced and the contractor removes the scale with muriatic acid. The water levels in the pool may be lowered to assure the acid doesn’t get into the water. He will sponge away the scale or if it’s build up too much to sponge off, he will use a brush to remove it.

When you work with a swimming pool service contractor he will ensure your pool water stays balanced and you won’t be faced with calcium build up.