How hot tubs help alleviate back pain is a “secret” known by Ancient Greeks and Romans and for thousands of years individuals have turned to the healing benefits of a soak in heated water. Today’s hot tub and spa contractors explain the value and health benefits that a hot tub can bring to sufferers of back pain and other health ailments.

Medical professionals recommend hot baths to encourage blood flow and circulation, promote relaxation and stress relief. These will help reduce pain. Back pain sufferers also understand that it is a pain that restricts lifestyle and physical movment and can lead to emotional pain and suffering as well. When you soak in a heated hot tub and have the hot tub jets directed at your pain points, you may experience a relief from your pain. 

How hot tubs help alleviate back pain

Estimates show that Americans spend more than $50 billion a year addressing or dealing with back pain issues. Back pain is also one of the major reasons people miss work and file disability claims. It is an insidious issue that, for many, has no cure. If you have back pain and want to have a hot tub or spa installed at your home you can work with one of the swimming pool and hot tub service contractors from Express Pool Care in Phoenix, Arizona to make it happen. Short soaks in the hot tub may offer relief from pain issues that cause back pain including acute injuries or osteoporosis, bulging disks or sciatica. Temporary relief can be found in prescription medications but it’s been shown that heat will provide more long lasting relief; medication use may lead to other potential issues with your health. 

It may seem counterproductive, but physical therapy may alleviate back pain as will ultrasound treatments and heat treatments. Heat and ice are the biggest sources of pain relief. Heating pads offer relief, but a soak in a hot tub will offer whole body relaxation and relief. Dilating your blood vessels and reducing muscle spasms in your back enhance the pain relieving benefits of the hot tub.

 When you’re shopping for a hot tub to help with back pain and pain relief, make certain you take a swimsuit and spend time in various hot tubs. You want to find one that has the jets that will provide therapeutic benefits and that are properly placed to alleviate your pain. This is not a purchase to make quickly or in a rush — especially if you’re looking for back pain relief.