Is there such a thing as a maintenance free swimming pool? Unfortunately, no. But if you’re wondering what is the most maintenance-free pool type — the answer would be fiberglass. The swimming pool service┬ácontractors from Express Pool Care explain that fiberglass pools, while not maintenance free, are the most maintenance free of all pool construction materials.

Whether you have a fiberglass, a gunite or a vinyl liner pool, you will still need to work with a pool service contractor or learn how to care for the pool on your own, to keep it clean and bacteria free. But if you have a fiberglass swimming pool you are in luck as they are the easiest to keep clean and require the fewest chemicals!

What is the most maintenance-free pool type?

Fiberglass is quicker to have built and is also less time consuming when it comes to maintenance. Those are both wins in our book!

Why, you may be wondering, are fiberglass pools considered maintenance-free? There are several reasons and they include:

  1. They are constructed from flexible composite materials and this material can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, never need to be resurfaced, won’t rip or tear and are not prone to algae bloom. The extreme temp fluctuations are ideal for Arizona pool owners.
  2. They last for decades and many come with lifetime warranties.
  3. They aren’t prone to rips or tears
  4. They are smooth to the touch and that means fewer scrapes and cuts.
  5. The design options for a fiberglass pool are more than just a traditional rectangle!
  6. Because of its smooth surface, bacteria and algae don’t “adhere” and that makes them easier to keep clean and that’s why they require fewer chemicals

If you’re getting a swimming pool constructed or are moving into a home with a swimming pool, give us a call and we can discuss the unique qualities of the fiberglass pool and how we can help you keep it clean.

Remember we keep saying “virtually” maintenance-free — this means these pools, while they require less maintenance, still do need ot be cleaned, serviced and maintained. You can’t completely neglect them!