Swimming pool maintenance, as the swimming pool contractors from Express Pool Care in Arizona will tell you, is an ongoing task. You can’t neglect your pool or you will be faced with brackish, algae filled water. Even if the water hasn’t turned green or black with algae, higher levels of bacteria could take over and you could be swimming in pool water that could make you ill if you have an immune-compromised system.

You can, however, cut back on your active, between pool contractor maintenance times by adding automation.

 Automation helps with pool maintenance

In addition to dirt and debris that falling leaves and dust can bring to an Arizona pool, they bring in bacteria and if enough bits of dirt and debris get into the water, it can clog the filter. It’s always best to skim off any items that fall to the surface of the pool before they sink to the bottom. Organic materials have the tendency to stain the bottom of the pool if they’re left uncleaned. If you use a swimmng pool cover — which we highly recommend — you will cut back on pool maintenance time between service contractor visits.

There are cleaning devices on the market that will make the between service visits less back breaking for you and help cut down on the time your pool contractor has to spend when he pays a service visit.

Here are some automation and vacuum styles that can help alleviate some of your pool cleaning burden.

  • ¬†A pressure-fed cleaner. This will need to be installed and will require a special pump to operate but it may be easier than the traditional pool vacuum.
  • An infloor vacuum system requires no additonal installation once it’s been put in. This model is just what it says — it is an infloor system that sucks dirt and debris from the pool into the suction portion of the vacuum.
  • A suction cleaner requires less physical labor but, as with the other styles, don’t scrub the pool walls and floor. Scrubbing the pool walls and floor are crucial to removing any bacteria or algae before they can take hold and infest the water.
  • A robotic cleaner could be the answer to many of your prayers — it moves around the pool floor on its own and also scrubs it as it goes along. You will still need to scrub the pool walls to loosen bacteria and algae. Of all the models, a robotic vacuum offers more cleaning independence.

Talk with us if you want to be more proactive in your pool cleaning between service visits. We have myriad options we can discuss with you.