What does pool service cost in Arizona? Express Pool Care pool service contractors answer 

A question that swimming pool owners always have is, “what does pool service cost in Arizona?” The pool service professionals from Express Pool Care, who serve pool owners in Goodyear, Laveen and Phoenix, Arizona explain that it is not a one-size-fits all answer. Knowing what it will cost to clean, maintain and service your swimming pool is something that a new pool owner should certainly consider when in the pre-construction phase. Give a call to a local swimming pool service contractor, tell him or her what your project is going to be and you will likely be able to gain a ballpark figure on pool service costs. swimming pool maintenance

Many new pool owners — whether constructing their own or purchasing a house with a pool, don’t take the time to talk with a swimming pool service contractor in Avondale, Arizona about the ongoing swimming pool costs. Having a pool constructed will bring with it one bill, but ongoing upkeep and maintenance is another bill that needs to be budgeted for. You will also need to consider increases in utility bills as well.

What does pool service cost in Arizona?

Here is a list of items to talk with your pool service contractor about when putting together your pool operating budget:

  • Chemicals:  You need chemicals to keep pool water clean and safe. The price tag for chemicals for a do-it-yourselfer is around $500 annually. Using an automatic chlorine generator that uses salt as a cleaning agent rather than chlorine will cost you less. Many pool owners find it costs them less in both in money, and obviously in time, to work with an experienced pool service professional; it is definitely something you will want to do the math on before making a final decision.
  • Utilities: You will definitely notice an increase. Ask your contractor for an estimate that can help with budgeting. Increases in utilities depend upon many variables.
  • Water: One of the biggest upfront expenses, after the cost of the pool itself is the water you need to fill it. You can get a ball park figure based on whether you will have the trucked in or whether you fill it yourself. After the initial fill, it’s unlikely that you will have to refill it. You will need to top it off to compensate for splashing and evaporation. 
  • Heating of the water. If you use gas or electric to heat the pool water — and it is not a necessity, especially in Arizona — you will factor that into the costs of operation. Solar pool covers are a cost efficient pool heating method.  
  • Pool cover. This is a necessity, not an accessory. A cover keeps pool water warm and keeps dirt and debris out of the water. A pool cover could also reduce evaporation and this will save in the cost of both water and in the amount of chemicals needed to clean the water. 

Arizona swimming pool owners typically enjoy a longer swim season than many areas of the country, and you will want to factor this into your budget as well. Give us a call when you’re in the research phase for your pool project.