Are you an athlete? Are you a marathon runner? Do you jog on the weekends? Are you a weekend warrior who mixes it up with various types of exercises and then pays for it with aching muscles and joints when you go back to work?

If you suffer muscle aches and pains from your occasional workout or if you’ve injured yourself during a workout and your doctor says you have to take it easy you can recover in the swimming pool.¬†

Use swimming to recover from an injury

You can use swimming to get in shape and this is an easy way to go from couch potato to jogger or biker or whatever other exercise you have decided is best for you. Swimming allows you to get in shape and workout in a manner that won’t jar your muscles and joints. The buoyancy of the water works with you to help you to not re-injure yourself while the water and its resistance amps up the workout you get.

Here are ways to use swimming to recover 

  1. If you want to train for a race, interval training in the pool is an ideal way to do that. You can bike and run and then mix up the workout routine by swimming vigorous laps.
  2. After a race, you can help your body recover by doing these in pool exercises: water walking, leg lifts, lateral raises and water aerobic exercises.
  3. Swimming builds all muscle groups.
  4. A swim workout, especially while you’re recovering from an injury will help keep your cardiac health good and your lung capacity optimal.
  5. When you’re swimming you are still working your muscle groups and staying in shape without the fear of injury. Active recovery is better than simply lying around while you recuparate.

If you’re active and if you’re looking for a way to workout many days a week without fear of injury work swimming into your routine for a full body workout without the fear of injury.