You’re a new swimming pool owner or you’re a long time swimming pool owner and you have decided to turn the swimming pool cleaning, upkeep and maintenance over to the pool pros from Express Poolcare but you don’t know what questions to ask, what certifications to look for or what you should be paying. It’s confusing, we know!
When you’re searching for a swimming pool service contractor in Laveen, Avondale or Goodyear, Arizona and the pool contractors say they hold a “CPO certification” what does that mean to and for you and does it matter? We think it does!

Should you hire a CPO certified pool contractor?

Not all pool service contractors have to hold a CPO certification in order to do a good job cleaning your swimming pool, but why would you want to work with a pool contractor who isn’t interested in continuing education and being on the cutting edge of pool maintenance technology? A pool contractor who holds CPO certification is invested in himself, his staff and his company. He understands the importance of ongoing education and training and the ever-changing industry standards and pool technologies.
What does a contractor need to do to earn this certification? Complete up to 16-hours of continuing education and pass an exam.
What will the contractor learn and how will you and your pool benefit?:
  • Pool and spa chemistry
  • Water chemistry testing
  • Water treatment methods
  • Filtration, inspecting, testing and repair
  • Unique pool maintenance issues
  • Understanding of governmental and local regulations

The certification requires renewal every five years.

If you’re trying to make a decision between two contractors and everything else is equal, look for the certification. How will you benefit from your contractors’s knowledge?

  • He is interested at staying at the top of his game
  • The certification is recognized by state and local authorities
  • The classes cover local and state regulatory codes
  • The certification is recognized both nationally and internationally

Even if the pool pro you’re speaking with doesn’t hold CPO certification, you can certainly ask what kind of continuing education he does pursue.