Are you new to swimming pool ownership in Arizona? Have you been a long time swimming pool owner and are now beginning to wonder at the benefits of hiring a swimming pool service contractor? Above the obvious reason that you will free up time if you hire a pool service contractor, you may find that in addition to saving time you might just save money!

A swimming pool is a daily responsibility as  any swimming pool service professional will tell you, a pool needs daily care including:

  1. Scooping debris
  2. Testing water chemistry
  3. Adding chemicals when needed
  4. Brushing the pool walls and floor
  5. Vacuuming the pool, and more

The benefits of hiring a swimming pool service contractor

A pool that is not properly maintained will lead to algae growth and water that has bacteria in it that could lead to illness in those who use the pool. Also, a pool that isn’t properly maintained can lead to red, itchy eyes, dry skin and brittle hair. The pool equipment can also be negatively impacted if the chemicals are not properly maintained.

When you work with a swimming pool service contractor in Phoenix, Arizona they will visit your home and clean and service your swimming pool according to an agreed upon schedule. They will test the chemicals, balance them, check and service the pump, filters and other pool equipment. Your swimming pool service pro inspects the pool for leaks in both the pool or the tiles and plumbing.

Ask your friends and neighbors for a referral to their pool service professional. Gather contact information for more than one and interview them to uncover:

  1. How long they’ve been in business
  2. Do they hold special certifications
  3. Do they keep up with current trends
  4. Do they have insurance (they need to)
  5. Ask for references from current and former clients 

Many pool owners find that they actually save money when they work with a swimming pool service contractor. The reason is that you won’t have to invest in all of the pool chemicals up front. You won’t have to store the chemicals. Many people find that when they aren’t experienced in swimming pool service, they tend to add too much of one chemical that they need to balance out with another chemical and so on and it costs more money (and takes more time and is, frankly, frustrating)

Before you sign a contract with a swimming pool service provider, understand what it includes, and what it doesn’t, how often the pool will be cleaned, and what it costs for any after hours or emergency service. Give us a call and let’s discuss pricing for your unique swimming pool.