The swimming pool service contractors certainly don’t want to talk themselves out of being your pool service contractor in Goodyear, AZ, but they do know that pool owners want to know how to save money on pool service and they have great advice to offer.

When you own a swimming pool, you will quickly come to understand that this is not an inexpensive decision. From the pool construction to the ongoing maintenance to the increases in your utility bills, if you can find a way to save a few pennies here and there, then that only makes sense (or is that cents?!)

How to save money on pool service

Here are some tips and steps you can take today to save some money on your pool service and maintenance bills.

  • Pool cover. Using a pool cover will help prevent water evaporation. this also means that chemicals will not evaporate as quickly. A pool cover also keeps dirt and debris from the water and can make pool cleaning easier.
  • Regular service. Just because you’re going on vacation, doesn’t mean you want to cancel a pool cleaning visit. A pool requires continual cleaning to keep algae at bay.
  • Energy efficiency. Run the pump and filter during off peak hours (usually from 7 pm to 7 am) Invest in energy efficient equipment and a variable speed pool pump.
  • If you heat the pool water, consider lowering the temperature by a degree or two. Chances are no one will notice when they’re swimming, but you’ll notice the change in your utility bills!
  • Have the pool constructed in a way that allows for landscaping to protect the pool from constant sunlight (as it may make the pool unusable because it will be too hot) and in a way that doesn’t put the pool in the direct and continual path of wind ( this will cause evaporation)

We have many other pool money-saving measures you can take for your swimming pool. Give us a call or talk with us on our next service visit.