Are you spending very much time thinking about your hot tub right now? In Arizona you may not be because the temperatures have been continually rising and we will probalby hit the high 80s by the weekend. If you own a hot tub, though you know the benefits of a hot tub and those benefits can be felt throughout the year — yes even in the heat of an Arizona summer!

The swimming pool contractors from Express Pool Care understand how enjoyable a hot tub can be and if you’re getting a new pool and are wondering whether getting a hot tub makes sense, they offer up some benefits that may help you make your decision.

The benefits of a hot tub

  1. It’s beautiful.
  2. The sound of the hot tub and its jets and swirling water add to the relaxation you have in the backyard space.
  3. Seaking of the jets and swirling water — a soak in a hot tub, no matter what the temperature, helps you relax, relieves stress and works the kinks out of your bones and muscles. When you’re dealing with traffic on the 101 on your way home from work, a relaxing soak will be something you will look forward to!

The features for your hot tub

Your hot tub can be as plain or as fancy as you’d like or as your budget allows. Here are some ideas for hot tub features you may want to consider.

  1. Upgraded hot tub materials
  2. A unique hot tub surround
  3. Lighting
  4. Sound system
  5. Television
  6. Heated towel rack
  7. Hot tub cover (this should be considered a must-have)

Hot tub care and maintenance

Hot tub maintenance isn’t much different than swimming pool maintenance. It is something you need to be diligent about, though as a few days of neglect and the heated water can cause bacteria to grow and make the water unhealthy. You will either need to care for your hot tun on your own or hire a hot tub maintenance contractor. The pool service pros from Express Pool Care are experienced in hot tub care and maintenance.

Safe Hot Tub Tips

Don’t forget to keep safety front of mind in your hot tub — just as you do with your swimming pool. Here are a few hot tub safety tips.

  1. Never leave children unattended
  2. Don’t turn the water temperature higher than 102 degrees
  3. Adults should never swim alone
  4. A hot tub soak is dehydrating; make sure you’re drinking water while you’re soaking
  5. Keep the cover on to keep curious pets, children and wildlife out

Are you getting a hot tub this season? If so, give us a call for an estimate on hot tub maintenance and upkeep!

Also, proper safety precautions need to be taken with your hot tub, just as with your swimming pool. Because drains and jets can be