Swimming pool landscape ideas from Express Pool Care service pros

Swimming pool landscape ideas come from myriad places. You may see a photo in a magazine, or have a friend or family member who has a style you like. The design of an outdoor living area in a movie or on television may spark your imagination for a landscape remodeling project. Talk with the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care for ideas and options if you’re looking for a pool renovation.

Talk with us, or your swimming pool service contractor, when we pay a service visit and let us know what you’re thinking of when it comes to your pool landscaping project. You may want to look for ways to not only enhance the beauty of the area, but to add to the safety of your swimming pool. Consider landscaping designs that minimize pool maintenance and help conserve water.

Turn your outdoor living space into a dramatic centerpiece that encompasses your swimming pool. Bring the area to life with flowers, decorative patio walkways, a gazebo or pool house, unique lighting or a functional and fashionable safety fence.

Strategically placed plants and trees, especially if they’re potted, can add a unique flair that will keep the landscape changing every time you relocate them. Make sure the flowering plants aren’t close enough to the water to attract bees or to drop petals into the water. Work with a pool landscaper to choose plants that won’t cause additional pool maintenance work or clog the skimmer.

Plants should complement the outdoor space and the pool and can also act as a privacy screen; keep a connection to nature while keeping the prying eyes of neighbors at bay.

A waterfall added to your swimming pool provides an exotic touch. Add a waterfall and a wall of plants and you’ll think you’re relaxing in a rain forest grotto.┬áPlan for safety when landscaping. Beauty as well as function should be the overall plan for any landscaping project. Opting for chain link fence doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate climbing plants, flowers or vines and add lighting to enhance the ambiance.

Pool furniture plays a part in landscape and design. Choose a furniture material – plastic resin, wooden deck chairs, etc. – and your furniture can enhance the design. Add patterned, weatherproof cushions to make the colors pop. Weather proof storage units can be used to store pool accessories and double as tables.

Don’t forget about the pathways leading to and from the pool area. Put some thought into the landscape design here as well. Options available include decorative tiles or stone pavers. Consider using solar powered lights to light the pathway — environmentally friendly and won’t require any electricity be run.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance time around the swimming pool, consider a landscaping project.