Express Poolcare service professionals offer swimming pool chemical know-hows

You can own a swimming pool and not need to know all about swimming pool chemicals and what they do for your swimming pool. Truth be told, if you work with a swimming pool service contractor from Express Pool Care you don’t need to know anything about pool chemicals or pool maintenance because we will take care of it all for you. However, it doesnt’ hurt to have some swimming pool chemical know hows in the event you have to test the water between service visits or if you’re noticing the water turning murky after a storm blows through.

Working with an experienced swimming pool contractor assures your swimming pool water will be kept clean, clear and bacteria-free and that is one of the most important aspects of pool ownership.

Swimming pool chemical know-hows

Unless you are cleaning your swimming pool with a salt water chlorination system you will need to use pool chemicals to keep the water clean and free of bacteria. Without pool chemicals algae will take hold and harmful bacteria will grow.

Basic pool water chemicals include:swimming pool cleaning

    • Chlorine. Used to sanitize the water
    • Stabilizers. Used to stabilize chlorine and amps up its performance.
    • pH levels. Monitored to track alkalinity and acidity. If pH is too high or too low it impacts the way in which chlorine works and if it is out of line, it can damage pool equipment.

When you work with an experienced swimming pool service contractor your pool cleaning and maintenance tasks will be handled. A pool contractor understands the intricate interplay between the chemicals and ongoing maintenance. Between service visits you will want to skim off leaves and debris before they fall to the bottom of the pool — using a pool cover could potentially eliminate the need for skimming the pool water.

Ask for a lesson on pool chemicals and water chemistry and maintenance and service the next time we pay a service visit!