Pool maintenance steps that homeowners should do between Express Poolcare service visits 

Working with a swimming pool service professional from Express Poolcare means that you can rest assured that when you are ready to swim, your pool will be ready for you with clean, sparkling bacteria-free water. Even if you work with a pool contractor, there will be times when you will need to perform minor swimming pool service tasks as a way to keep the water in great shape until your pool technician pays his next visit. swimming pool cleaning

Here are three do-it-yourself pool maintenance tasks you may perform between service visits:

  1. Test the water between visits. This is especially important if a monsoon rain or dust storm rolls through. If you have a higher than usual number of people in the pool, that can also throw the chemical balances off. If you are concerned the water chemicals may be out of line, test the water and then add chemicals (if you feel comfortable doing so) between service visits. Ask your pool contractor for advice on the best kind of water testing kit and for a short lesson on how to understand the readings.
  2. Skim away any floating pieces of debris before they fall to the bottom of the pool. If you don’t use a cover you may have to vacuum between service visits if too much debris falls to the bottom of the pool.
  3. Prevent evaporation by being diligent about using a swimming pool cover. Using a cover will help lessen the amount of water lost to evaporation. .

Ask us for advice on pool service tasks you may want to undertake between service visits.