Summer is in full swing — temperature-wise — and if you’re looking at the usual two week vacation that many employees get, how can you get more fun out of your summer? It’s easy when you have a swimming pool! The swimmng pool service contractors from Express Pool Care in Phoenix, AZ offer staycation pool fun tips for everyone who owns a pool — you don’t have to live in Arizona to enjoy these!

There’s nothing better than a staycation. If you have a pool you don’t have to worry about sharing the water with anyone, you won’t have to be in a hot car and you can swim whenever the mood strikes. Staycation time is ideal because if you only have a couple of weeks for your annual work vacation you can designate your backyard “staycation central” and have a mini get away with your family all summer long!

Staycation pool fun

How can you get more fun out of your pool? Talk with us about upgrades or updates  you can have made to your pool to make it even more fun. You may want a diving board or slide or a rock waterfall. Have you ever considered adding a hot tub to the pool?

Enhance the outdoor living space. Update and upgrade your furniture and even consider adding a gazebo or pool house if the budget allows. Don’t forget to add lighting!

The major benefit of staycation is that your entire family can spend time together and bond — or even get in shape — no matter the weather. Choose a few days a month to let your children invite some friends over and have a pool party or even a sleep over in the backyard (as long as they don’t get into the pool — you will need to set pool alarms or even sleep out there with them.

Don’t forget to invest in swimming pool toys. Pool noodles are always an inexpensive favorite. Grab some other inflatable water toys and even in pool games like basketball or volleyball.

A swimming pool is a party waiting to happen, all you have to do is add the people and the snacks! Whether you have impromptu parties or plan a party a month with friends and family, make it simple, quick and easy so you’re not stressing about the party. Invite everyone into the backyard, add a dish to pass and viola — party.

When it comes to having a  staycation, it’s all about time spent with family and friends.

Make sure your pool is always ready for that party by having a regular pool maintenance schedule or by working with a pool contractor who will do the work for you so you can concentrate on the fun.