Are you a new swimming pool owner? Have you owned a swimming pool for a few years now and you’re just tired of taking on all of the pool maintenance. Is it time to hire a swimming pool professional? There are many reasons to turn the tasks of pool maintenance over to a pool pro, not the least of which is that you just don’t have enough free time to devote to its care. When you have free time you just want to swim in the pool, not work on the pool. Give Express Pool Care in Phoenix, Arizona a call and talk about pool maintenance.

Is it time to hire a swimming pool professional

Maintaining the chemistry of the swimming pool water is important to the health of the pool, its equipment and the swimmers who use it. While pool care doesn’t take a lot of time, it can truly eat into the time you spend swimming. Additionally, chemically testing the pool can be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s easy to add too many chemicals then too few and then you’re struggling daily to get the chemical readings in line. You will be spending more money on chemicals in the long run by doing it yourself if you’re continually fussing with and adding more chemicals.

Inspecting, testing and performing routine maintenance of the swimming pool equipment is another reason to hire a pool professional. If you’re not mechanically inclined and if you wouldn’t quite know whether the pool equipment was operating at its peak, you may need to hire a pool pro. Preventative maintenance is always better than fixing something that’s broken.

Here is what a swimming pool service professional will do on a weekly basis for your pool:

  1. Check and balance the pool chemicals
  2. Shock the pool when necessary
  3. Skim the pool water
  4. Remove debris
  5. Clean skimmer basket
  6. Brush the pool walls and floor
  7. Vacuum the pool
  8. Clean the filter, backwash the pool when needed
  9. Inspect and maintain the swimming pool equipment.
  10. Replace and repair the pool equipment when needed

If you’re not certain whether it’s time to turn the pool maintenance over to a pro, give us a call and let us give you an estimate, tell you what will do and you can make your decision based on receiving the information you need.