Express Pool Care say you should use solar power for pool heating. Why not take the free power that is available from the sun and harness it to keep the pool water warm. In many months of the year, warming the pool water in Arizona isn’t necessary, but there are those few months where the nights get cool enough that warmed water would be welcome.

Triple digit temperatures and more than 300 days of sunlight make solar power for pool heating the wise choice for many. Why pay for heating materials when you don’t have to? Designing a solar-heated swimming pool is a task your swimming pool service contractor can work with you to make happen. You may find simply using a solar pool cover will heat the water to a level that keeps it warm and swimmable for more hours of the day and weeks of the year, than not using one.

Solar power for pool heating

The key to a successful solar power installation is the¬†placement of the panels. In Arizona, the sun is more plentiful than in other areas of the country,¬† so even though this is important, it is even more important in other parts of the county — like in the northeast, for example. The panels will be placed in direct sunlight to take full advantage of natural sunlight.

Using solar power and solar panels to heat your pool water will keep it comfortable for most everyone who uses the pool for many months of the year.

Consider painting the bottom of your pool in a dark color. Dark colors absorb heat and slowly release it and this can help heat up or retain the heat in the pool water. This is more often used by pool owners in the northeast than in areas like Phoenix, Arizona as a black pool bottom might make the pool water unbearably hot to swim in. Most pool owners in Arizona opt for a light colored pool.

If you want to help your pool water stay even warmer, trim any overhanging branches to give the pool full, direct sunlight. Make sure you plan and design for shaded areas. You won’t want to spend your entire day poolside in direct sunlight.