The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care, a pool service company in Phoenix, Arizona talk with their customers all the time about how to choose a pool safety cover. There are so many covers on the market that it can be so overwhelmning that you may give up and have a swimming pool that doesn’t have a cover — that’s not a good idea!

How to choose a pool safety cover

Whether you’re closing your pool for the season or closing it for the night, having a proper swimming pool cover is a must. Even with a safety fence and other safety measures, using a swimming pool safety cover amps up the safety and offers another level of security to keep curious children, pets or wildlife out of the pool water when you’re not around to keep them safe.

 A mesh safety cover is an affordable option. This cover, properly cared for can last for up to two decades! The mesh cover is light — compared to others — and can support hundreds of pounds. A mesh safety cover allows rainwater to get through and that helps keep the cover from being weighed down wiht water or snow. It can also keep dirt and debris from the water AND it can protect a child or pet from falling into the pool.

A solar pool cover is not considered a safety cover as these float on the surface of the water and soak up the sun. You may find one that offers solar benefits and tethers to the pool to add a layer of protection, but one that simply floats on the surface should not be considered a safety barrier.

 A solid safety cover is what it sounds like — a solid barrier between your yard, a child or pet, and the pool water. With a solid safety cover no water, snow, debris or people or pets can fall into the water. They are most expensive and the most reliable of covers and the heaviest. A solid safety cover also blocks sunlight from the pool and if you’re not going to use the pool often, the heat of the sun and if you’re not testing and treating the water, you may find there is algae in the pool when you open it.

There are other options for pool covers that you can ask us about.