Why are the swimming pool contractors from Express Pool Service in Phoenix, AZ thinking about simple off season pool cleaning tips when summer is right around the corner? We know that many people like to “rush the seasons.” We can’t say we blame them, especially when we have hit triple digits already and it’s not even the end of April!

Fall may not be anywhere soon enough for many Arizona residents, but if you’re someone who likes to plan ahead, and even though you know the heat of summer is still looming on the horizon, here are a few off-season pool cleaning tips you will want to talk with us about the next time we pay a service visit.

Simple off season pool cleaning tips

  1. ¬†When the seasons change — and for us it can be from not summer to summer — leaves may begin to fall into your pool and the dried grasses may blow around and get into the pool. Falling leaves aren’t as much an issue in Phoenix as they are in other parts of the state, but you do want to skim your pool regularly to keep debris from falling to the bottom of the pool.
  2. If you don’t use your pool as often because it’s either chilly and autumn or because the water is simply too warm to enjoy, you may be able to reduce the number of hours you run the pump and filter, but don’t do this without asking your pool contractor; you certainly don’t want to let algae take hold.
  3. During the heat of summer and the height of using the pool it needed more chemicals — because of evaporation and because swimmers are splashing water out. You will use fewer chemicals once the temperature — both water and outdoors — have dropped. When the temperatures drop in autumn you may be able to get away with only testing the pool chemistry once a week. During the summer, though, even if you’re not using the pool as often, you will still want to test the chemical levels regularly to assure everything is in line and to help prevent algae growth.

Once summer swim season has passed, and we certainly don’t want to rush the season, give us a call and we can help you properly close the pool for the season. Or if you’re so inclined you can add a pool water heater and use the pool throughout the year.