Okay, we admit there are no secrets for an energy efficient swimming pool –– many of the ways in which you can have an energy efficient swimming pool or hot tub are common sense and your pool service contractor frm Express Pool Care in Phoenix, AZ can help you update and upgrade your pool to save you money!

Owning a swimming pool in Arizona can truly add up when you factor in the costs of running the pool pump, filter, heater (not that you need that in the summer!) or the hot tub. This is in addition to the increases in utilities when the air conditioner is running in your house to cool off the triple digit temperatures.

Secrets for an energy efficient swimming pool

  1. Go green. When you go green, your swimming pool will be more eco friendly and that may mean you save money on operating costs. Ask us about ways in which going green may save you money.
  2. Energy efficient equipment will help you save money. You may need to invest more up front to install energy efficient equipment, but we can let you know how long it may be before you see a return on your investment.
  3. Variable speed pumps are one of the most energy efficient upgrades you can make to your swimmng pool equipment. If you still have a single speed pump, ask us about upgrading to a variable speed pump. The pump, is as its name indicates — variable speed. It will run at a higher level when you’re vacuuming and at a lower level when the water is simply circulating.
  4. Use a swimming pool cover. This will help cut back on water evaporation (you’ll save money by not having to fill it); you’ll save money on chemicals because of the slow down of evaporation; you will save money on heating the pool in the cooler months (especially if you use a solar cover).
  5. Ask us to perform an inspection of the pool, the plumbing and the equipment. If the pool or the plumbing is leaking, you’re losing money. If the pump is old and worn out, it won’t be operating at peak efficiency and you’ll be losing money.
  6. You may be spending more money if you’re undertaking the pool maintenance on your own. Many pool owners find they spend more on chemicals by doing it themselves then if they hired and paid for a pool service contractor.
  7. If you heat the pool, try lowering the temperature by one or two degrees to see if anyone notices and if the water is still just as comfortable for swimming.

Ask us for other tips, hints and “secrets” to making your pool more energy efficient.