If you’re like many families, you get one or two weeks vacation a year BUT your children are off from school for a month or more. What do you do to entertain them and have fun as a family? Make the most of your pool staycation with these tips from the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care.

Arizona swimming pool owners escape to their pools more frequently than do many pool owners — we bet — especially when there are triple digit temperatures and when even the nights don’t cool off that much. Rather than being stuck indoors in the air conditioned air, turn to your backyard and have a pool staycation after work, on the weekends and any time you can make your escape there!

When it comes to staycation fun, there’s nothing better than spending hours in the pool or relaxing poolside. After all, no one wants to pile into a car and deal with traffic just to make your way to a crowded movie theater, mall or outdoor waterpark, right?

Make the most of your pool staycation

How can you get even more fun out of the time you spend in your family swimming pool? The swimming pool service contractor from Express Pool Care have some ideas:

  1. Enhance the outdoor living space. Add a spa or hot tub or other water accessories.
  2. Grab a few new pool toys or even some pool noodles and just spend time in the pool as a family, building memories.
  3. Play pool games that disguise the exercise your family is getting — have races, run from side to side, use kickboards to race from one end to another.
  4. Invite friends over for an impromptu party.
  5. See who can do the biggest, splashiest cannonball! Get a basketball hoop or a volleyball net.
  6. Add misters poolside or to your outdoor living space to keep the area even cooler. Use umbrellas or an awning if you don’t have a gazebo or pool house where you can escape the direct sunlight.

Bottom line: staycations are all about fun and memory building with your family. Don’t let a two week annual vacation mean you and your family can’t turn your swimming pool into its own year-round vacation, aka staycation spot!