Save money: Hire a pool contractor, Express Pool Care contractors explain

When you live in Arizona you will be thrilled that you own a swimming pool! During the dog days of summer and triple digit heat, escaping to your own backyard swimming pool is a treat like no other. But what happens if the pool isn’t clean? The equipment isn’t operating at its peak and the water chemistry is out of balance? Chances are you will have unhappy family members AND you will have to spend what should have been swim time, cleaning the pool!

To avoid spending time and money cleaning their own swimming pools, many pool owners in Arizona work with a swimming pool service contractor from Express Pool Care to assure the pool is working great and that the water is clean.

Save money: Hire a pool contractor

A swimming pool contractor is best-suited to keeping your pool water crystal clear and bacteria-free. He is experienced and knowledgable at keeping one of your family’s most expensive home items in working order. How will a pool contractor save you time and money? Here are a few ways:

  1. You could purchase chemicals from a big box store to clean the pool, but do you know what you’re getting? The chemicals from the big box could contain chemicals that are unnecessary to your pool water and could even negatively impact the water and pool equipment… not to mention harm the people who use the pool. You will also need to find a safe place to store the pool chemicals. When you work with a swimming pool professional, he uses professional pool chemicals — those that do not have unnecessary additives.
  2. Your pool contractor will inspect pool equipment and pool pump pressure levels. A pool contractor will know whether something is “off” with your pool equipment and can let you know whether it’s fixable or whether you need to replace any equipment. He will also let you know when the pool will need to be resurfaced, will check for pool leaks and check the pool’s structural integrity.
  3. He will test the water when he comes to clean the pool. Your pool contractor may also advise you to check the pool chemistry between service visits. If the water chemicals get out of balance, you can give us a call or we can show you what you need to do to bring chemicals back in line. We will also backwash your pool, super chlorinate it when needed and change the pool filter when needed.

A pool contractor will also open and close your pool for the season and is a professional upon which you can call when you have a pool emergency.