What you need to know about commercial pool service, Express Pool Care contractors explain 

Are you the manager or owner of a commercial swimming pool? Do you manage a pool in a hotel, motel, apartment complex, community center or school? If so you are charged with a task that brings with it more responsibility than caring for your back yard swimming pool. What you need to know about commercial pool service is that because of the high swimmer load, it is more difficult and involved to keep the pool chemicals balanced.

It is even more critical to keep commercial pools free of bacteria because of the sheer number of people who use it, the potential for a water borne illness is higher than in the family pool. A commercial swimming pool service contractor from Express Pool Care takes the worry and stress off your hands and leaves you with a pool that is highly functional and with water that is bacteria-free.

When researching an hiring a commercial swimming pool contractor, you will want to understand who their other customers are, the services they offer, whether they have experience in your type of pool and equipment and what they charge. Request an estimate for a monthly package for cleaning and maintenance package that will combine all the necessary services into a combined package price. Ask for information on any “hidden charges” — like whether you need to pay extra if you don’t sign a season long contractor or whether you will be charged an additional fee for chemicals. Don’t forget to ask for their pricing structure on emergency service visits.

When you manage a commercial swimming pool there can be no shortcuts or compromise to maintaining the pool water and impacting swimmer health. Keeping the pool serviced and maintained is important for everyone who uses the commercial pool.

What you need to know about commercial pool service

Here are some services included in many commercial pool packages:

  • Cleaning of filters
  • Backwashing filters
  • Conditioning water
  • Testing of water chemical levels
  • Adding appropriate and recommended chemicals to bring water to safe levels
  • Thorough vacuuming of the swimming pool
  • inspection of the safety of pool equipment including diving boards and slides

If you are the manager of a commercial swimming pool, contact us for an estimate on a service package.