What do you buy for the person who has everything and also has a swimming pool? How about a swimming pool cover? The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care in Arizona offer reasons to buy a swimming pool cover. This should be a purchase made at the same time you invest in the pool itself.

A pool cover will protect your investment and help you save money on pool maintenance and upkeep among other reasons. Swimming pool covers, perform multiple tasks:

  1. They keep your pool free of leaves and debris
  2. Help retain heat
  3. Prevent mold spores from blowing in during monsoon storms
  4. Help cut back on the need for pool chemicals because
  5. Covers help slow the rate of evaporation
  6. They are an additional safety layer

Swimming pools consume a lot of energy. If you can find ways to eliminate some of that consumption and save money any way you can in pool operation, that is more money in your household budget or to perform upgrades or updates to your swimming pool.

Heat retention may not seem a big deal in Arizona, but it can be if you want to use the pool well past the traditional Labor Day pool closing. Let’s face it, it gets cold in the desert in the off months. Swimming pools lose heat and the largest cause of energy loss is through evaporation. If you want to heat your pool water temperature by only a single degree it requires 1 BTU (energy measurement) per gallon of water – for each gallon lost through evaporation.

Pool covers save energy and water by reducing the rate at which water evaporates and at which heat is lost. When you cover the pool when you’re not using it you can reduce the amount of energy required to keep the water at swim-friendly temps. Using a pool cover diligently may allow you to save up to 50% on the heating bill! .

Choose the pool cover wisely and make certain it fits snugly. Talk with us to find the correct pool cover for your pool style. Also, ask us about the costs associated with having an electronically removable cover. Being able to put the cover on and off at the push of a button will certainly make it more likely to be used.  

If you have children and pets in the household, you may want to invest in a safety cover. These covers protect the water and act as a barrier to keep children and pets from falling into the pool if they breach the pool safety fence.