Express Pool Care contractors offer list of must have pool supplies

Many swimming pool owners in Phoenix, Arizona work with a swimming pool service contractor to keep their pools up and running and the water clean and clear. Between pool service visits, though there are some must have pool supplies that all pool owners should have available and learn how to use.

  1. Have, and use, a swimming pool cover. Your pool should be covered when it’s not in use. That is a way to keep the water cleaner between service visits and to help cut back on water evaporation and could even mean you use fewer chemicals to keep the water bacteria-free.
  2. The pool pump and filter are the heart of your swimming pool. Without them, the water will not move and the chemicals will not get circulated. The pump moves the water through the filter. The filter removes debris and bacteria. When your pool was constructed, chances are you made a decision on the best type filter and pump for your unique pool and your contractor will inspect it and make sure it’s in good working order.
  3. A water test kit. You should invest in a water test kit and test your water between pool service contractor visits. Checking the water lets you rest assured that everything is in balance between visits. This can be important, especially if a monsoon rain blows through or if you throw a pool party and have a lot larger swimmer load that usual as this will impact the water chemistry.
  4. Basic pool tools including a brush, skimmer and vacuum. You will use the skimmer frequently, especially if you aren’t diligent in using a pool cover. You will want to skim off any debris before it falls to the bottom of the pool.

Ask us for other advice on pool equipment you may want to have for your unique family swimming pool.