Express Pool Care service professionals offer safety tips for diving boards and slides

Whether you are just having a swimming pool installed or are in the midst of a remodeling or uprade, if you have a diving board or slide — or are considering one — you understand how much fun they can be. With these accessories though you need to have firm safety rules in place and practice extreme caution when using one.

diving boardA diving board is not a simple add-on to a pool, they can also be the cause of backyard mishaps if not used correctly. It will be routine for your Express Pool Care swimming pool service provider to inspect the board to ensure it is secure and in safe operating order. He will check that all of the hardware is secure and that there are no cracks in the foundation securing it.

Make certain that children who use the board and the pool are supervised at all times. For adults, use extreme caution – or avoid the swimming pool altogether, if you’re imbibing alcohol.

Here are the top safety tips for pool owners in Phoenix, Laveen, Avondale and Goodyear, Arizona:

  • Only one person at a time should use the board
  • The water must be deep enough to accommodate a diving board — your pool contractors understand the regulations for that
  • Never dive – or swim – alone
  • Stay out from under the board when someone is on it
  • Know the weight limits of the board
  • Make sure when you jump away from the board that you jump far enough away so you don’t hit your head
  • Don’t run on the board – it can be slippery and you could slip and fall
  • Make the diving board off limits if the pool is crowded

Swimming pool slides are also a fun accessory for your swimming pool. Just like diving boards, slides require specific height and space requirements to be used safely. Here are slide safety tips:

  • As with diving – never use the slide alone
  • Make certain the slide has been installed to manufacturer specs
  • Ensure routine maintenance is undertaken to make certain pool is secure
  • Know the weight limits of the pool slide
  • Only one person at a time should be going down the slide
  • To avoid head and neck injury, always go down the slide feet first

Talk with your pool service contractor before you decide to have a slide or diving board installed so you fully understand the safety measures you should put in place.