How much does pool care cost? This is a question the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care get asked regularly. It isn’t a simple answer though. It would be like asking, “what does a house cost?” or “what does a car cost?” There are many items to consider when buying a house, buying a car or hiring a pool service contractor.

How much does pool care cost?

 The pool service professionals from Express Pool Care, who serve pool owners in Goodyear, Laveen and Phoenix, Arizona explain there is no one size fits all answer to this question. Knowing what it will cost to clean, maintain and service your swimming pool is something a new pool owner should consider when in the pre-construction phase. You don’t want a surprise for the pool maintenance fee — it should be part of the budgeting process from the beginning of the pool project. You can definitely give us a call and let us know the size, shape and depth of the pool and we might be able to give you a ballpark figure on pool maintenance costs.

Many new pool owners don’t take the time to talk with a swimming pool service contractor in Avondale, Arizona about the ongoing swimming pool costs and they should.

  • The pool will require chemicals to keep the water clean, bacteria-free and swimmable. The price for chemicals for a do-it-yourselfer is around $500 annually.
  • If you use an automatic chlorine generator that uses salt as a cleaning agent rather than chlorine you will pay more up front for the salt chlorine generator, but will save money on overall operation and cost.
  • There will be an increase in your home’s utilities and that should be budgeted for — not quite pool maintenance cost related, but something to factor in.
  • After the cost of the pool, the other biggest up front expense will be the water to fill the pool. You can get a ball park figure based on whether you will have the trucked in or whether you fill it yourself. After the initial fill, it’s unlikely that you will have to refill it although you will need to occasionally top it off.  
  • If you heat the pool water — not a true necessity in many parts of Arizona — factor that into the cost of operation. Invest in a solar pool cover to help alleviate the cost of heating the water.  
  • Consider a swimming pool cover into the cost of the pool construction project. It should be a necessity, not an accessory. A cover keeps pool water warm and keeps dirt and debris out. A pool cover reduces evaporation and this will save money in the cost of water and chemicals.  

Factor in the months of swim time that Arizona pool owners enjoy and you will see that the investment in your pool will be money well spent!