As a pool owner in Phoenix and Goodyear, Arizona are familiar with the continuous cost of maintaining and servicing the inground swimming pool — especially when you live in Arizona where the sun shines more days of the year than most places! The swimming pool contractors from Express Pool Care offer money-saving pool advice for those pool owners who want to enjoy the pool without stressing about utility bills.

Money-saving pool advice

To save money you should keep the pool filter clean and clear of debris and assure the pool water chemistry is always in line.

Install solar panels to help heat the water for those infrequent days when the sun isn’t keeping the pool as warm as you want. Solar panels, with a southern exposure can add up to 10 degrees of warmth to the pool water all without burning fossil fuels. Solar panels are ideal for the “winter months” in Arizona.

How do they work?

Swimming pool solar panels absorb heat from the sun. The pool water passes through coils or tubes in the solar system and transfers the heat to your pool water. Solar panels come in sections, meaning you can add as many, or as few, as you’d like. Even a small solar system can cut pool heating costs and can replace the need for gas or electric pool heaters.

Another way to cut pool water heating costs is by using a heat pump. A heat pump works in the reverse of the way an air conditioner does. A heat pump system captures heat from the outside air and transfers it to the pool water. They work best if the ambient air temperature is higher than 50 degrees.

Pool heat pumps reduce pool heating costs by up to 50% or more compared to gas pool heaters. They may cost more up front, but pay for themselves in a few seasons’ worth of use.

These water heating tips may help you see a decrease in pool operating costs, especially if you want to keep the pool open year round.