There are pool safety measures for those who use it and there are pool safety measures that may be common sense, but can get lost in the midst of summer fun. When you work with a swimming pool maintenance pro from Express Pool Care in Phoenix, Arizona, you can rest assured he will keep your pool cleaned and maintained and that he understands proper chemical handling and electrical safety.

Your pool contractor, when he pays a service visit, not only checks the water but he will inspect the pool pump, filter and other “moving parts” of your swimming pool.

Maintain your swimming pool safely

Here are a few items your pool contractor will check — or if you maintain your own swimming pool, you need to be aware of”

  1. Don’t use extension cords around the pool. If you need additional electrial outlets it’s best to call an electrician and have him wire the area for more outlets.
  2. When the utility pump is running, don’t get into the pool
  3. Don’t put the vacuum handle into the swimming pool — you can easily damage the liner
  4. If there is any kind of thunder storm looming or in the area do NOT use the swimmng pool. In fact, you may want to unplug and turn off electricity to the swimming pool equipment.
  5. All pool chemicals need to be stored out of reach of children or pets. Remember, if you clean and maintain your own swimming pool you need to have a dedicated area in which to store the chemicals. You also must know how to properly use them so you don’t get injured.
  6. Don’t let anyone use the pool if the water hasn’t been cleaned and maintained. Pool water is a breeding ground for bacteria and that’s why you need to test the water and use chemicals. Also, if you don’t maintain the pool and keep the water circulating, it can become a mosquito breeding ground and that can lead to mosquito borne illnesses.
  7. Check that the main drain has a safety cover and that is is firmly in place. Tragedies have occurred when people are sucked into the main drain.
Ask us for more insight and tips on how to stay safe when you’re maintaining your own swimming pool.