Landscaping for desert swimming pools, Express Pool Care contractors explain 

Landscaping in Arizona sometimes involves stones and cactus! If you want to amp up the landscaping look around your family swimming pool, the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool care offer landscaping for desert swimming pool ideas. Because of the inability for most homeowners in Arizona to grow grass, swimming pool owners in Arizona are looking for other ways in which to landscape.

How can you landscape around your swimming pool in a sustainable way that doesn’t necessarily involve catcus or plants that won’t survive the heat of the Arizona summer.

Landscaping for desert swimming pools

Adding greenery, if it will thrive in your backyard, is a beautiful way to create interest and add to the aesthetic appeal. Use plants of various sizes and colors to enhance the design of the landscaping. Potted plants and other potted greenery may thrive in Arizona because you would have the ability to move it from location to location to help it thrive in the triple digit temps. Talk with us to see if there are flowering plants or shrubbery that will work in your backyard. You can even use faux grass, moss and herbs to landscapine poolside.

If you don’t want to mess with grass or greenery, consider adding concrete pavers or custom stonework pathways.

A water feature — fountain or a rock waterfall is an ideal way to add to the beauty of your pool and its landscaping without having to care for plants.

You may not be in the market for a swimming pool renovation, but if you want to beautify your outdoor space, a landscaping project will breathe new life into your outdoor living area. The landscaping around your pool will definitely add to the enjoyment of the time you spend outside when you’re not in the pool. Talk with us and let’s get your landscaping project underway!