Express Pool Care, serving Laveen, Goodyear & Phoenix AZ answer upgrade pool questions

The beauty of owning a swimming pool — as long as you are diligent with upkeep and maintenance is that it will last for decades and really won’t need to be upgraded or updated with any frequency. The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care in Arizona do share that there are specific items they check as part of routine swimming pool maintenance that allows the pool owner to understand the state of their equipment and when, or if, it needs to be updated.

swimming pool cleaning Here is a brief list of items that are typically involved in upgrading and updating:

  • Pumps and motors
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Salt chlorinator systems
  • Ozone systems
  • Mineral systems
  • Pool Lights, energy saving LED lights
  • Automation systems
  • Solar heating
  • Acid washing/chlorine bath
  • DE/cartridge filter cleaning
  • Green pool clean up – this is because of algae build up and with diligent and regular pool maintenance a green pool clean up will likely not arise. But keep in mind that in some instances a “perfect storm” of bacteria blown into the water, heat and chemical conditions you can see a green pool even if you’re diligent.
  • Sand filter changes

Some of these items are upgrades to existing systems, others are “wouldn’t it be nice to have…” types and still others may be necessary for money saving benefits especially if you’re upgrading to more energy efficient pool equipment.

Ask your pool contractor, the next time he visits, whether any of your equipment might be in need of renovating or replacing.