There is no secret to how to keep your swimming pool water clean — it’s all about regular and ongoing maintenance to keep your swimming pool water clean. The swimming pool service professionals in Laveen, Arizona at Express Pool Care say you can relax and kick back when you work with a swimming pool service professional.

What goes on underneath the surface of your swimming pool is usually not able to be seen. Keeping pool water clean involves keeping the pool equipment operational and the chemical mix goes toward keeping the pool water free of bacteria. Working with a swimming pool service professional frees your time to swim and also lets the professional who understands the delicate nuances of pool chemistry deal with the hard work while you get the fun of the swimming pool !

How to keep your swimming pool water clean

Much of what keeps your swimming pool operational and the water clean is beneath the surface or behind the pool structure itself. The pool filter, pump and electrical equipment and the plumbing keeps the pool water clean and free of contaminants.

Your swimming pool water gets dirty from outside contaminants as well as those contaminants people who use your swimming pool bring in with them. From the dust that gets blown around during an Arizona monsoon or dust storm to the pollen and other outside contaminants the pool water can quickly get dirty. Now add in to that the people who jump into your pool — unless you make them shower first — are bringing in hair spray, deodorant, dead skin, sweat, perfumes and more that we just don’t want to mention here!

Not only will dirt and debris that gets dumped into the swimming pool upset the water and its cleanliness, but it can also damage the equipment and make the equipment and filters work harder than necessary. Make sure you clean the skimmer basket regularly — daily if possible to pick out any debris that is captured there.

Do you want to care for the swimming pool and its water on your own, but aren’t sure where to start? We can come over and do an example pool cleaning for a small price and show you how to test the water, operate the equipment and clean the pool and add chemicals. If you decide you don’t want to take on this sometimes monumental task, ask us for an estimate on a summer long contract and that way you can enjoy the pool without having to spend your valuable free time cleaning it.