If you work with one of our swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care in Goodyear, Arizona, you can rest assured the pool steps are clean. If you’re cleaning and maintaining the swimming pool on your own, how clean are the pool steps? It is easy to skip over the pool steps when you’re brushing the walls and floor, but it’s important that you don’t skip over them.

Algae doesn’t need a lot of time, but it does need a good environment in which to grow and that environment is — an area where it is undisturbed (aka behind the pool steps or ladder) warm water and not a lot of circulation (again, behind the pool steps). If you’re wondering whether we clean around and behind the pool steps, just ask us the next time we pay a service visit.

How clean are the pool steps?

To assure your pool steps are clean and that algae isn’t lying undisturbed waiting to take over:

  1. If it’s been a while since the pool steps or stairs have been thoroughly cleaned, your pool contractor may suggest lowering the pool water level to allow for a thorough cleaning. Once the pool steps have been cleaned, chances are, the water levels won’t have to be lowered again as long as the cleaning is done periodically.
  2. If the water has been lowered, a pool specific step cleaner will be applied. The cleaner will be put onto the brushes and suction area of the pool vacuum and the steps will be brushed, cleaned and the debris vacuumed all in one fell swoop.
  3. If you use a robotic pool cleaner or vacuum you need to make certain it is thoroughly cleaning the steps and that it is able to climb up the steps to clean them. Robotic cleaners are ideal, but you need to make certain they can get behind the steps if you have a ladder or a hand rail.

If you’re not certain whether your pool steps are clean and free of any potential algae spores give us a call and we can clean the steps or show you how to do that yourself.