Picture3How to keep algae from your pool, Express Pool Care service contractors in Goodyear, Arizona believe in being proactive.

What is algae?

It is the bane of a pool owner. The reason is that once it takes hold in the water and on the pool walls and floor it is difficult to remove.

One of the reasons many pool owners work with a pool service contractor is so they don’t have to have the worry of algae growing if the pool is improperly cared for. Algae can grow if the pool is neglected for a few days, too. Algae needs to be attacked algae before it takes over and turns your pool into a slimy green goo-filled mess.

Plaster pools are typically more prone to algae because the rough surface provides a place for the algae to cling to as it grows. This doesn’t mean that any other type of pool cannot get algae. Regardless of good care and cleaning, algae may still take hold; it also grows in extreme heat and warm water — two items prevalent in Arizona.

Work with a swimming pool service contractor who is proactive in algae growth. Be diligent with sanitation and cleaning. Even if you’re fastidious about cleaning, and even if the pool water is clean and the chemicals in balance – algae could still happen! The reason is that algae-causing spores are carried in from the wind and could even be in the water used to fill the pool.

Algae will grow more quickly in shallow water because the water heats up faster there than in deeper water. Warmth is what the algae needs to thrive. The swimming pool steps are a favorite spot for algae to begin growing and that’s why cleaning the steps thoroughly is crucial to keeping algae at bay.

If you notice your water getting a green tinge, it’s time to give a pool contractor a call to address the algae issue before it fully blooms.