It may seem odd to think about ever having to heat swimming pool water in Arizona, but the nights do get chilly in our winter months! How to heat pool water with the sun is something the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care in Goodyear, AZ talk with their customers about when the summer is winding down.

Very few people will ever want to heat their pool water during a 115 degree day! In Arizona, though the sun is definitely your friend when you want to take the chill off the pool water when autumn and winter are in full force. A solar pool heater is more effective and efficient than ever before and are definitely more efficient than using gas or electric to heat the water.

A solar swimming pool heat pump is the most efficient way to heat pool water becaue it transfers heat from the sun and the air to the pool water. Compared to gas or electric heaters, solar heat pumps are an attractive option.

Look for a heat pump that allows you to choose a temperature you’d like the pool warmed to.

How to heat pool water with the sun

When investing in a solar panel heating system, you will be purchasing:

  • A solar heat collector. This collects the water, heats it then circulates it back to the pool
  • The solar pool heater filter removes debris before the water is pumped through the solar heat collector
  • The pump in the device circulates the water through the filter and collector and then back to the pool
  • The heat pump will have a flow control valve — either automatic or manual — that diverts pool water through the collector

If you’re planning to invest in a solar heat pump system, plan to spend between $3,000-5,000. If you currently heat your pool water, take a look at what you’re spending on the heating of the water and do the math to see how long it will take to reap the financial benefits of a solar pool heating system for your swimming pool. Give us a call for more information.