Smart technologies have moved from our phones and our computers to our homes and cars and now our pools! How to have a ‘smart’ pool is a conversation our swimming pool contractors from Express Pool Care in Goodyear, Arizona have on a regular basis.

“Smart pools” and smart pool technology has been around in some fashion for several years, but it has exploded in recent years with newer and different technology that make owning and caring for a swimming pool easier and more efficient. If you have a smart home — a smart thermostat, fire alarm, refrigerator, televisions and more, you may have wondered how to move that technology to the backyard.

How to have a ‘smart’ pool

When you have a smart pool, your pool contractor will incorporate technology into various aspects of the pool — filter, pump, heater, pool cover remover, water features, even chemical adding devices.

Here are some smart technologies to talk with us about:

  1. Robotic pool cleaners aren’t quite all the way, “smart” but they do make keeping the pool clean between service contractor visits much easier. A robotic pool cleaners looks much like an in home Roomba. Once you turn it on, it will run along the pool floors and steps and clean the pool of debris. Look for a robotic pool cleaner that you can operate from your phone!
  2. Smart switches allow you to control the heat and lights from your smart phone. You can program them to turn on and off at specific times, as well. Smart technology will also let you program the pool pump to turn on in the overnight hours when the cost of electricity is less expensive. When you run the pool with smart tech, you can rest assured that the equipment will get turned on and off, even if you forget!
  3. Monitor the pool water temperature and turn it up or down — you can use this for your hot tub, too. Another smart technology is a sensor that lets you monitor the water chemistry and gives you a continual reading on the balances.

Ask yourself what smart technology makes the most sense for your family and your lifestyle then talk with us and let’s get those technologies installed in your pool this year.