When you jump into your vinyl liner swimming pool you’re expecting a smooth, slick pool floor experience, right? What do you do if there are wrinkles? How to get wrinkles out of pool liner is a question the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care answer for their customers regularly.

When there are wrinkles in the pool liner, not only is it an opportunity for the pool liner to rip and tear, but it is uncomfortable on your feet. In addition, a wrinkled liner can allow algae to nestle in and begin growing and upsetting the pool water chemistry.

How to get wrinkles out of pool liner

When there are wrinkles you need to be prepared to address them and remove them as soon as possible. You can do it yourself in many cass, but if you have tried, and simply can’t get the wrinkles out, give us a call and let’s schedule a service visit to get that taken care of for you.

  1. ¬†Fill the pool. If your pool has been drained or isn’t full enough, wrinkles can happen. Fill or refill to take care of the wrinkles. Fill the pool slowly and work out the wrinkles as it fills.
  2. Walk on the pool liner when it’s filling. You can put on soft soled shoes or you can walk barefoot to gently stretch the liner and remove the wrinkles as it fills. Walk from the center to the outer edges.
  3. Grab a toilet plunger. Yep, you read that right! Invest in a plunger for pool use only, that’s our recommendation! Place the plunger on the sides of the wrinkle and then plunge, like you would a toilet. This will pull the liner away from the winkle and straighten it out.
  4. Warm up the water. When the liner and the water are warmer it makes it easier to remove wrinkles. Cold water and a wrinkled liner are a recipe for a tear in the liner. If the liner and the water are heated up to about 92 degrees the liner will soften and be easier to get the wrinkles out.
  5. If the wrinkles are too bad, you may need to drain the pool. We urge the novice pool owner to call on the services of a pool contractor to oversee the draining of the pool. When you drain it, you can open yourself up to structural issues with the pool and that will be worse than a wrinkled liner. A pool contractor will oversee the project and will usually only recommend draining as a last resort.
  6. If there is a wrinkle you may want to check the landscaping under the pool. Is there a root or something else that has gotten under the pool to disrupt the smoothness of the liner? If so, remove the item and work the wrinkle out.
  7. A leak could be the reason the pool is wrinkling. If water is leaking under the pool and the pool floor, it may be bubbling up and causing the wrinkle.

If you have tried to do it yourself and just can’t get the wrinkle out, call in the pros. They will know what to do and if the liner cannot be repaired they may recommend a liner replacement. Vinyl liner pool owners should be prepared to change the pool liner every seven to ten years and if you’re reaching that milestone, that may be your best option.