Swimming pool owners in Phoenix, Arizona who work with the swimmng pool service professionals from Express Pool Care will understand there are simple, do-it-yourself pool maintenance tasks you will want to take care of between service visits. Why? Because they are small tasks that can pay big dividends — especially when you want to jump into the pool and can’t because it’s covered in dirt and debris.

When you work with a swimming pool service professional from Express Poolcare you can rest assured (and rest easy) that when you are ready to swim, your pool will be ready for you with clean, sparkling bacteria-free water.That being said, you will need to pick up a skimmer on occasion and do a bit of pool clean up between service visits.

Simple, do-it-yourself pool maintenance tasks

Grab the water test kit. Test the water between service visits — especially if there has been heavy rainfall or it appears as though a lot of the water has evaporated or if there have been more people using the swimming pool than normally do. If you are concerned the pool chemistry is not balanced, test it. If you feel comfortable and know which chemicals to add, do so. If not, give us a call and let us know what the readings are and we may need to schedule an additional pool service visit.

Skim it. Don’t let floating debris fall to the bottom of the pool. Grab the skimmer and scoop it out. Once it falls to the bottom of the pool, you run the risk of it staining the pool floor, clogging the filter and upsetting the water chemistry. Skimming won’t take you more than a minute or two and it makes it more fun to swim when you’re not swimming through debris. Using a pool cover makes skimmng a task you may not need to perform.

Speaking of pool covers… Not only will using a pool cover alleviate having to skim the pool water, but it can save you money, slow the rate of evaporation and limit the amount of chemicals that need to be added to the water. Pool covers can also add an additional layer of protection to keep anyone from falling in the pool. A pool cover should be considered necessary pool equipment, not an add on accessory.

The next time we pay a service visit, ask us for advice and information on tasks you can and should take on between service visits.