How to clean pool tiles, Express Pool Care Contractors perform the task

How to clean pool tiles is something that the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care in Arizona are asked regularly. Pool owners will notice, after a time, the tiles are getting a build up or could even be discolored from chemicals.

The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care work with customers to keep the pool clean and know that involves more than simply balancing chemicals, skimming debris, vacuuming and clearing filters and skimmers. They address all aspects of pool maintenance and service and that includes the task of removing calcium water deposits and lime scale from pool tiles.

There are specific steps that need to be taken to clean tiles and make certain the pool, tiles and water aren’t impacted by the cleaning process. pool tile cleaning A pool tile cleaning may involve lowering the pool water level by a couple of inches. Draining the pool water is a task best left to pool professionals as an incorrect draining can damage the structural integrity of the pool.

How to clean pool tiles


  • The pool water will be drained below the tiles that need cleaning
  • Gel tile cleaner will be applied. The gel is worked into the tiles and allowed to sit at last 15 minutes to loosen deposits.
  • Deposits will be scoured and scraped off.
  • Gel will be removed. Your pool contractor will take care to keep the cleaner from the water.
  • Tiles will be inspected and around the perimeter of the pool. Tiles will shine like new again.
  • Hard water build up and deposits will be removed during the process

Calcium and lime scale build up is one of those things that you won’t notice until it’s an issue. When you work with a pool service contractor, he makes note of issues and cares for them before they become a problem.