Okay. Okay. We know that not too many pool owners in Arizona are wondering about how to buy a pool heater. But you know summer will eventually give way to cooler nights and downright cold times that, if you have a pool heater, will mean you can still swim well into the autumn monts and maybe even year-round. The swimming pool service providers from Express Pool Care in Arizona offers tips for adding a pool heater this season.

No matter the reason you’re considering a pool heater, there are several styles from which to choose and they each bring with them unique advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a bit of a primer on pool heaters for you to consider.

How to buy a pool heater

  • ¬†Solar heaters just make sense in Arizona, don’t you agree? We get sun hundreds of days a year and the power of the sun is free and you can heat your pool with it. A solar pool heater will pump water from the pool into the filter and it will be diverted into the solar collectors that warm the water before putting it back into the pool. A solar pool heater system will probably cost between $3,000 and $4,000 for the purchase of the equipment and installation. Your pool contractor can give you an idea of how long it will take for the system to “pay for itself.”¬† With a solar heater you will need to commit to giving up yard space to house it, but the money you save and the length of time you can swim may be worth it to you.
  • Gas pool heaters. You can choose from natural gas or liquid propane styles and the fuel type will depend on the utilities available wher eyou live. Gas or propane pool heaters cost essentially the same price, it is just the cost of the fuel that will vary. The cost of a gas pool heater is about $2,000 to $3,500 depending on the size and model. A gas pool heater will heat the water more quickly than a solar cover will and if the sun isn’t shining the solar system is limited.
  • Heat pump. This style works essentially the same as a solar heater in that the water from the pool passes through the heat pump, is heated then the heated water is pushed back into the pool. It does not heat as quickly as a gas heater does. They cost between $2,000 and $5,000. It is an eco friendly way to heat the water but relies on their being warm air surrounding the pool from which it can draw its heat to warm the water.

Talk with us about pricing, what the equipment will look like in your yard, how long it lasts and what your return on investment is. A pool water heater may allow you to use your pool year round.