No one wants to go indoors when summer is so fleeting! Although in Arizona when it’s triple digit temperatures, going indoors mgiht be more comfortable, but we know most people don’t want to go inside. That’s why many pool owners talk with the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care about how to add a grill poolside. 

When you do that you can essentially move all of your indoor living to the out of doors and you can cook and still enjoy time with friends and family.

Add a grill poolside

If you want to add an outdoor kitchen or a poolside grill to the outdoor living area, here is a checklist to help get you started.

  1. What’s your budget. It is easy to get drawn into the amazing grills and the myriad options available and it’s easy to overspend. Set a budget and stick to it when you’re buying the grill. Know what you can spend before you talk with a grill specialist.
  2. Do you anticipate grilling often? Every day? Every week? Why does it matter? If you know you will only use it infrequenty, then you can better allocate the money you need to spend for this one outdoor item. If you have money left over you can use it toward another outdoor living space item. Also, know how many people you anticipate cooking for regularly; this will help you size the grill you’re buying.
  3. Where will you place it? On a slab? On the pool deck? Do you have a safe space to put it if it’s going to be on the pool deck? You don’t want children running around the deck and being near the grill.
  4. What fuel do you want to burn? Gas? Electric? Charcoal? Do you want a combination grill where you can grill and smoke items? Consider the cost of operation, where you will refill propane tanks if you opt for that style and the taste of the food you’re grilling.
  5. How will you accessorize the grill? Do you want a rotisseries, side burners, side tables, under grill cabinets or do you have your heart set on other features?
  6. Will the grill be a stand alone purchase? Will you be undertaking an entire poolside outdoor kitchen project?

Do your research. Visit grill retailers. Talk with your pool contractor and ask what services they provide for the construction of outdoor grills and kitchen areas. Make a decision and then get grilling!