Tips for cleaning a hot tub from your swimming pool service professionals at Express Poolcare in Phoenix, Arizona. When you’re in the middle of the Arizona “winter” you probably spend more time in the hot tub and spa than you do in the heat of summer. If that’s the case, you know the importance of either cleaning the hot tub yourself or working with your pool service contractor to assure your hot tub is in pristine condition and is bacteria-free.

Caring for a hot tub isn’t quite as labor intensive as caring for your swimming pool, but there are different issues that arise with a hot tub — mainly because of the heat of the water which is a breeding ground for bacteria. The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care share that if you don’t use the hot tub regularly that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it, test the water and clean it regularly.

Tips for cleaning a hot tub

You can clean the hot tub or spa on your own, or you can hire your pool service contractor to do it for you and keep him on retainer year-round. If you take on the maintenance of the hot tub on yoru own, here are a few things you will need to address during the cleaning and upkeep sessions you put into it.

  • The filter will need to be removed and thoroughly cleaned at least every month. Removing it will allow you to assure there is not dirt and debris in the filter. If dirt is trapped in the filter, it won’t allow the filter to do its job which is to remove dirt and debris from the water, filter it after it’s clean and return it to the hot tub. Many hot tub owners keep a second filter on hand so they can remove one, immediately replace it, then set about cleaning the one that was removed.
  • Depending on how often you use the hot tub, it should be drained every three months and thoroughly cleaned. The jets and the entire shell should be cleaned. Many hot tub owners opt to have their pool service pro do this task as it is very involved and time consuming.
  • You should thoroughly clean the hot tub cover at least monthly. Clean it with approved cleaning products because you don’t want harsh chemicals dripping into the hot tub water.
  • The water chemistry needs to be tested regularly. Chemicals added when necessary.
  • Give the hot tub or spa a visual once over to assure there are no leaks or any standing water that could indicate a leak.

Talk with us if you’re new to hot tub ownership or if you simply want to forego cleaning it on your own this season. We can help.