The temperatures in Arizona are topping out at the 120 degree range and have been hovering in the triple digits for several weeks now and there doesn’t appearl to be any end in sight. Along with this will be our monsoon season. If you’ve ever wondered how a sandstorm can harm your Arizona pool, the swimming pool contractors from Express Pool Care in Phoenix, Arizona explain. The haboobs, antoher word for sandstorm and monsoon level rains can make it costly to swimming pool owners in damages and in costly post storm clean up.

How can a sandstorm harm your Arizona pool?

Once the storm has passed, it’s not enough to begin the swimming pool water clean up. All of the dust, dirt and debris that’s fallen into your pool and settled on the bottom can quickly clog the vacuum and could potentially damage the pool’s filter. If vacuuming the pool is your first thought following the storm, you may want to hold off because if you don’t know how much dirt has accumulated and if you’re trying to vacuum it up the strain on the filter and pump system could be potentially very costly.

Adding copious amounts of dirt and dust to the pool filter will increase the filter pressure and that could split it. If you’re not trained in post-monsoon clean up, like the swimming pool contractors from Express Pool Care are, you might not even realize the filter has split and continuing to vacuum will compond the equipment damage.

Pre-storm protection is key. Remove any items that could get blown into the pool water. Make certain the pool cover is in place. Unplug the pool equipment and/or cover the pump and filter to keep dirt and debris out of it. Don’t remove the pool cover until you remove the dirt that has settled on it after the storm has passed.

If you don’t normally work with a swimming pool service contractor you may find you have an extended wait before he can come and clean and inspect your pool for damage as he will be busy caring for his current customers. Be patient and ask what you could do in the meantime to assure your pool will weather the storm.