Express Pool Care service professionals explain how to heat your pool with solar technology

Swimming pool owners in the cooler parts of the county install heat pumps or other pool water heating methods to keep the pool water temperate. In Arizona, the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care explain that in this area of the country, you can easily heat your pool with solar technology. After all, why not harness the power of mother nature to keep the water warm? Solar technology is more efficient and effective than it was.

The most cost efficient – and environmentally friendly – way to keep swimming pool warm is through the use of a solar swimming pool heat pump. This takes the heat from the air to heat the water. Compared to gas, electric or oil heat, solar heat pumps cost less to operate and that makes them a more attractive option to many pool owners.

Heat your pool with solar technology

This is how solar technology works and what it includes:

  • A solar heat collector through which the pool water is circulated and heated by the sun.
  • Filter. The filter removes the debris from the water before it is circulated through the solar heat collector.
  • Pump. The pump pulls the water into the filter and collector and then pumps the warm water back into the swimming pool.
  • Flow control valve. This is either an automatic or manual device that diverts the pool water through the solar collector

Installing a solar pool heating system for your swimming pool can bring with it a semi-hefty price tag – between $3,000 and $4,000. With that said, though, a solar heating system usually pays for itself within a period of two to seven years in saved electricity costs. Also, a solar heat pump will last longer than the other heat pump types.

Take advantage of one of Arizona’s greatest natural resources to heat your pool. We understand that when the temperatures have been in the triple digits there is no need to heat the water, but once the swim season is coming to an end, a solar heater will help keep the pool usable for a few more months.