How to go green with your pool, Express Pool Care service pros explain

Your swimming pool is a fun place for your family to spend time and while away the hot days and nights in Arizona. If you own a swimming pool you know it comes with ongoing costs and you may also wonder how you can go green with your pool. Here are some of the costs associated with pool ownership, some of which could be lowered by upgrading, updating and going green.

  1. Cleaning
  2. Water evaporation
  3. Repairs or replacement of equipment
  4. Utility increases
  5. Water treatment and maintenance

There have been many advances in technology in pool equipment and maintenance that have an eye toward reducing waste and lowering energy consumption. If you’re looking for a way to save money and go green with your pool operation, here are a few ideas.

How to go green with your pool

Equipment and chemicals for pool water cleaning is crucial to the maintenance of a bacteria-free pool. Replace outdated equipment and you could save an estimated $350 to $700 annually. Switching to a salt water system instead of chlorine and other chemicals for sanitizing the pool decreases cost of maintenance.

A salt-chlorine generator can cost about $1,400 and purchase of chlorine and other chemicals costing about $350 to $500 annually. This system may seem costly, but if you’re looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and have pool water that is clean and clear and free of chemicals, a salt water system might be ideal.

Pool contractors support new technology to avoid “Chemical soup.” Using salt does not mean your backyard pool will take on ocean-like qualities since only one teaspoon of salt is used per gallon of water.

A salt based chlorine system is gentler to the hair, skin and eyes and it is also more gentle on the pool liner. This could help your liner last longer.

You can cut back on expenses by installing a new pumping system. You will be faced with a price tag of about $1,300, up front, and could see a decrease in electric bills by up to half. The use of a new gas heater and using a geothermal heater can cut energy usage by up to 80%. If you live in area of the country where sun is plentiful you might want to consider installing solar heating panels.

Ask us for other tips on how you can go green with your family’s swimming pool.