Should you get a hot tub? Express Pool Care contractors offer tips

If you have a swimming pool you may wonder, should you get a hot tub? The times you use a hot tub will be different from the times you use a swimming pool — for the most part. Most hot tub owners find they use the hot tub more frequently in the cooler months in Arizona. Talk with your swimming pool service contractor at Express Pool Care if you’re considering getting a hot tub for your family. He can explain the benefits and help you make a good choice for your family’s hot tub.

A hot tub or spa can be a beautiful addition to your backyard in addition to providing healthy comfort. Hot tubs come in myriad shapes and sizes and when you add in the various types of jets you have to choose from, you have many decisions to make before you invest in your family’s hot tub.

Regardless of the type of hot tub or spa you invest in, the water will need to be treated, maintained and the hot tub cleaned; budget for that during your planning process.

Where will the hot tub be placed? You will need to decide that as it will lead to other decisions on whether you need to run additional electricity, pour a foundation or invest in landscaping for the area. Do you have a deck that will be ideal for the hot tub? Take privacy issues and nosy neighbors into consideration when deciding where to place the hot tub!

Should you get a hot tub

  1. The budget – Before you shop, set your budget. Don’t skimp on quality because your hot tub is made to be a long-term investment for your family.
  2. Size – Think about how many people will use it on a regular basis. Consider whether it will be for pure relaxation or for health benefits. Will you need handlebars for support while getting in and out of the hot tub? Do you want padded or fiberglass benches?
  3. Relaxation spot  – Will you use the hot tub as an entertainment hotspot? If so, consider a television or stereo set up as part of the package. Don’t forget to add in heated towel racks!
  4. Health  – Jets in a hot tub can be adjusted to provide deep muscle hydrotherapy or soft tissue massage. The jets and the heated water of the hot tub combine to work away aches and pains.
  5. Location  – How will it fit into the decor of your yard? Will the spa be the beginning of a design phase outdoor landscaping? Choose colors and styles according to your needs – both current and future.

Whether you have a swimming pool and want to add a spa so you can enjoy water year round or if you’re simply considering investing in a hot tub, now is the best time of year to get working on that project!