Express Pool Care contractors work with their customers to install hot tubs and spas and let them know the equipment needed for a hot tub is similar to that needed for a swimming pool, but there are some unique differences. If you don’t have a yard large enough to accommodate a swimming pool, but you love the idea of having a water-filled structure in your yard in which to relax, a hot tub or spa might be just the thing.

Even though it may be much too hot in the height of the summer in Airzona to soak in a hot tub, once our “winter” rolls around a hot tub is the ideal place to relax and unwind on the cooler desert nights. A hot tub soak relaxes your joints and muscles and works away any of the stress of the day. The jets in your hot tub will work their relaxation magic while the heated water soothes.

Equipment needed for a hot tub

Owning and taking care of a hot tub doesn’t have to be a major undertaking even though it requires regular care — just as a swimming pool would. You will need to test the water chemical levels, add chemicals, clean the water and occasionally drain the hot tub to do a deep cleaning. You can certainly work with the swimming pool and hot tub service contractors from Express Pool Care or you can care for the hot tub on your own; we can even show you how. Be aware, though that the heat of the water can lead to a quicker growth of bacteria and algae than in unheated water and that’s why proper and regular cleaning is crucial.

What will you need to have on hand if you’re going to be a hot tub or spa owner? Here is a brief list:

  1. Chemicals to keep the hot tub water clean. These chemicals include: bromine tablets, chlorine, water softener, pH balance chemicals, water clarifier, defoamer
  2. A water test kit
  3. A hot tub cover
  4.  A hot tub draining pump
  5. A thermometer
  6. Any accessories you feel will enhance the experience — a towel heater, stereo system, etc.
  7. A spa vacuum
  8. Spa pillows
  9. An ozonator

Now is the ideal time to begin your research for a hot tub project. Talk with us and we can help you make a decision on the hot tub that is best suited for your family as well as helping you with ongoing maintenance and care to protect your investment.