Just as oil and water don’t mix, neither do electricity and water. In fact, water and electricity can be deadly. If you notice any issues with electricity with your swimming pool — flickering lights, the pump not turning on and others, call your pool contractor at Express Pool Care ass soon as possible. Electrical concerns for pool owners can be addressed by your swimming pool service contractor.

Keep everyone out of the swimming pool and turn off electricity to the pool until the issue has been addressed.

Electrical concerns for pool owners

When your swimming pool was installed by a qualified, experienced pool contractor and it is continually maintained by a Phoenix, Arizona swimming pool service contractor, electrical issues are not likely to arise. If you, or your pool contractor does find one, it needs to be addressed immediately.

When your pool was constructed, it had to undergo a series of inspections by plumbing and electrical contractors as well as municipal and zoning agents in your community to assure everything was up to code. This doesn’t mean that issues cannot arise later or that mice or other critters haven’t gotten into the electrical panel and caused issues.

  • A pool contractor assures electrical components are inspected and issues corrected.
  • Older pools and older pool equipment can be at a higher risk of electrical issues. Aging wiring in underwater lighting and equipment needs to be inspected regularly.
  • Changes in technology results in the need to upgrade and update electrical components.

Here are a few ways in which electrical accidents happen and items you need to be aware of:

  • Never use extension cords around the pool.
  • Don’t use electrical radios or devices around the pool. Use only waterproof and battery-operated devices around the pool.
  • Faulty pool components – lighting, pumps, filters – lead to electrical shocks. If you notice any sparks or power surges, turn off the electricity and get out of the pool

Minimize any risk of electrical hazards

  • Upgrade outdated equipment
  • If you’re not a qualified electrician, hire one. Electrical projects are not for the do it yourselfer.

If you have any concerns, call yoru pool contractor immediately and schedule a visit for him to come and inspect the pool and its equipment.